Day 2: Muddy Mustang

It is still raining.

I don’t think we’ve had this much rain in years, much less this much rain in one sitting. Poor Smokey is ready to be able to run and play, but currently can’t due to the poor footing in his pen.

I stopped in after work to lift his spirits and he came right to me. At some point over night, he had laid down or rolled and was caked in mud on one side. I spent some time brushing it off to the best of my ability, but I’m not a miracle worker. He’s still awfully dirty and shedding. I did a lot of cleaning of his legs in hopes that would somehow help his feet stay drier.

Our big accomplishment today was getting his auction tags mostly removed from his butt. They were glued on pretty well and I took out chunks of hair as I picked them off. It clearly wasn’t fun for him as he flinched some as I tore out a few especially large clumps of hair, but didn’t offer to kick, bite or even pin his ears. I’ll work on removing the remainder tomorrow.

I scratched him all over with a currycomb again and messed with his face. He seemed glad to have some company and would follow me around the pen as I scattered some hay and tried to improve the footing just slightly. It’s a regular slip and slide in there right now. I’m beginning to worry about his feet and how they might get soft being in the mud, but once again, he’s not receptive to the halter.

While I can get a rope around his neck with no resistance, he’s still not yielding to it, so once the footing dries out I’ll have to push the issue a little more so we can move him onto better ground.

I’ve been trying to get my hand around his nose more and more, but he still pulls away. With the terrible footing, I don’t want to get dragged, fall and get accidently trampled. I don’t think he would do it maliciously, but out of fear he might do some harm. It’s better for both of us to take it slow right now. Soon enough this rain will let up and we’ll be able to really dig in.

No pictures for today – the rain combined with a phone isn’t the best plan. More tomorrow.

About smokeythemustang

I'm just a girl who loves horses, who's asking horses to love her back. Right now I'm training a wild mustang. Or he's training me. You decide.
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