Weekend 7: The Future


After I got done with Smokey in the morning, I was feeling alright about where we were. He was resisting my new moves that require him to yield to me, but we were making progress on them. I went back to my parent’s house to pick up my tack “room” and bring it over to the barn. We loaded it up in the back of my truck and hauled it over there amidst the beginnings of a pony party at the barn.

We got it unloaded and installed in the feed barn (the only place big enough to house it). It looks great and I can’t wait to actually be able to use all the right equipment and have it all at my disposal with just a short walk up the hill. I’m so spoiled!

I’ll have to add some pictures later since I didn’t take any yesterday, but it looks great. There are a few additional things that we added that make a world of difference and my life a lot easier. All the space in the cabinet is useful and I’m really excited to get to use it! Thanks to the best dad in the world! He sure knows how to spoil me!

After we got the cabinet unloaded, my brother came back with my dad to see Smokey for the first time. IT was also feeding time so Anna was filling up feed rations. I haven’t been around for feeding time in quite some time, so I didn’t know how nasty Smokey had gotten about his food. Anna had told me that he would rush her in the pasture, but a bag tied to a whip had taken care of that….for a while. Now he still does it with the bag/whip.

Anyhow, since Anna was going to go feed the outer pastures, I walked out with my brother to see Smokey, who walked right up to me (presumably because he thought I had food).  I looped a lead around his neck so he couldn’t chase Anna and had to stop and say hi. On her way back up to get Smokey and Bandit’s feed, he pretty much decided that it was time for him to follow her, so I let him go instead of fighting it. She dumped out his feed in a feeder and Bandit’s in the old manger Smokey used to eat out of. I was going to approach him, but he spun and pinned his ears at me and acted as if he’d kick me. \

Yes, I know. ACTED but DIDN’T. But he meant business.

Either way, I wasn’t going to mess with him. He had chased Bandit off a few times and Bandit is a big guy and I’m just small.

I think this was really eye opening to me. I think it’s really become obvious to me that I need someone to be there to help me along and stop being such a wimp and really help me identify where I can gain ground with him. He’s a great little horse and he’s got a lot of potential, but if I turn him aggressive by being such a chicken, it’s going to be on my shoulders. He’s not there yet, but I don’t want to start down a road that I can’t turn back on. I have a few ideas on people to talk to, so we’ll see where we go from here. I also haven’t ever had to deal with a food aggressive horse, at least not like this, so I’m not fully sure what I need to do. Should I scare him off his food once or twice so he knows I’m the one he has to be wary of in that case? Who knows. I’ll see what kind of advice I can get and get behind to solve this one.

This combined with the aching in my shoulder reminding me that I still can’t pick up his feet without having a shoulder ripped form its socket has made for a pretty tiring Monday in the brain-workings department. There’s a lot to consider.

About smokeythemustang

I'm just a girl who loves horses, who's asking horses to love her back. Right now I'm training a wild mustang. Or he's training me. You decide.
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