Weekend 7: Getting There


Saturday morning I went to a garage sale that advertised as being an estate sale at a family owned farm in Buckhead. I wasn’t disappointed. I got two pairs of clippers, a dressage whip and some polos for $20. Can’t argue with that. I love me some good bargains!

I got out to see Smokes in the late morning and it was hot. I can tell he’s not a big fan of the heat (and I can’t blame him) so I kept it pretty short and sweet. We did some maneuvering on the ground, which he’s getting much better at each time we do it. He knows what I’m asking, we’re just going to have to get past the “I don’t want to” that he’s got going on after doing things a few times.  He’ll move off of a rope swinging at him, a poke to the body part that he needs to move from either my finger or a whip (picked up at a garage sale!) or me stepping into that body part. The last one really only works with his butt. We’re not doing as well with the shoulder, but it’s coming.

We did some more longeing. I’m still trying to get his butt to yield to me while he’s moving and having trouble, but he’s kind of getting it. I’m sure I’m just a terrible teacher because I know he’s smart enough to get it. He doesn’t have much body flex right now, which I need to work on with him. I think some stretching is in order in our next few sessions.

I tried to pick up his feet again with no such luck. He was less likely to fling them out of my hands, but he still had them escape my hands every time. I’m not pleased with this, but I’ll try to find some new method of holding onto him. I think if I can just get him to do it once, it will be a quick transition to doing it all the time.


I am a bum.

I went to the lake after the barn on Saturday and I was just totally wiped out. I got out to the barn Sunday late afternoon and ran into Mary and Anna who had just fed everyone. Smokey was out with a few other horses (and one that I suspect has put him in his place a few times, based on the bite marks he’s suddenly sporting). I’m a little happier about that than I really should be. I don’t want Smokey to become an alpha and I would really like him to settle down and stop chasing Anna when she feeds. I guess the new tastes are pretty stellar, though.

Anyhow, I hung out for a bit taking pictures of Smokey through the fence and petting his nose when he graced me with his attention. That was about all I had in me. I’ll have to keep in mind that watersports are a lot harder to jump back into that I remembered.

About smokeythemustang

I'm just a girl who loves horses, who's asking horses to love her back. Right now I'm training a wild mustang. Or he's training me. You decide.
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