Weekend 9: Rained Out Again

This weekend was a big old weekend of nothing. I guess Smokey is the rain horse because it has rained forever here and everything is soaked and standing water and all manner of miserable. I saw the sun today (it’s actually out right this instant while I sit in my cube), but we’re due for more rain basically the whole week. Color me thrilled.

I saw Smokey a couple of times this weekend, but mostly to make sure he survived fireworks which had been postponed or just stung out for several nights. He seems no worse for wear. I visited yesterday to feed some carrots and found him out with Bandit, Colors and Misty. He, of course, was glued to Misty least the other two suddenly renounce their gelding status and get her knocked up again.

He’s actually bossing her around now too. She’s a big horse, so I’m surprised she lets him, but whatever floats her boat. Maybe this is the kind of man she likes – The Bad Boy, The Outlaw, The Wild Man. There’s no accounting for taste, but I sure think he’s cute too.

Smokes ate his carrots, chased the other horses away from the gate while I was there and was generally just kind of a jerk to everyone but me. Sigh. Not much I can do about that unless someone stands up to him.

That’s about the extent of my Smokey time this weekend. While it was a bummer, it did give me some time to evaluate our progress and outline some new things to work on. We’ll see how that goes. I hear all good trainers say “Start with a plan and then be prepared to throw that plan out the window once you’re in the arena.” I’m sure that’ll be the case.

I kind of had a case of the buys the other day and travelled an hour south of the city on a whim to go pick up two saddles, well…parts of saddles. Both are in less than sorry condition having had the seats torn up with a razor and the fenders removed. The seller claims they were used in Pigeon Forge for shows and sold as souvenirs or something. Who knows. Both are black with minimal tooling.

One is a Crates saddle number 408-4. Crate’s website calls this a 15.5” roper with a rawhide covered tree. Presumably a pretty nice saddle. I think going to have the guy who is currently cleaning my existing saddle replace the seat and make new fenders for this one. Hopefully this will turn into a great secondary saddle. If I can get it set up for a decent price, I’ll be sitting pretty with two nice saddles.

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Crates saddle of dubious origin

Speaking of my existing saddle, it’s some off brand – PB’s Custom Saddles – which yields no information on Google. It’s a nice saddle, though it’s been taken care of miserably. It’s a working saddle with only a few small conchos and it’s light in color (or was). I love this saddle more than I can accurately convey. It sits excellently for both horse and rider and gives a comfortable, solid and close ride. I haven’t wanted for anything from it yet. I decided to take some of my own advice and treat my horse tools right, so it’s currently being cleaned by Bryan at Triple D Saddlery in McDonough, GA. I got to see the saddle he’s currently building and it looks like it’ll be great once it’s done. If only I had the funds for a finished one!

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The pre-cleaning pictures of my PB’s Saddle. It’s pretty rough.

The second saddle I bought on the cheap is a Billy Royal saddle. I haven’t spent much time researching it or looking it over. I sat in both it and the Crates saddle on a saddle stand and like the feel of the Crates a little better. The Billy Royal might be closer contact in the end, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that move yet. We’ll see. I will be picking up my beloved PB saddle sometime in the next week and dropping one of the two rejects off for an overhaul – probably the Crates.

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Billy Royal saddle. Super questionable.

In non-horse news – My poor little Tucker tore his ACL, well his Cranial Cruciate Ligament, which is basically the equivalent of the human ACL. He’ll be having a TPLO surgery on Friday this week to correct it. Since he’s 40ish pounds and very active, they don’t want to risk some of the simpler surgeries that he might undo. So, Tuck will be on the mend soon, but it will be a long process of rehabbing him and Belle will be forced to play with humans, and maybe, just maybe learn to stop fearing people when they knock things over and are kind of loud. She is such a wimp.

My poor Tucker man.

About smokeythemustang

I'm just a girl who loves horses, who's asking horses to love her back. Right now I'm training a wild mustang. Or he's training me. You decide.
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