Weekend 11: Milestones

I think that since I’ve gotten to a point with Smokey where he has to just get miles put on him with groundwork and riding, I’ll only update when we have something interesting to share instead of just talking more about the same things over and over.

That being said, this weekend, I got to see him Saturday morning. We got some really cool things accomplished!

I went to get him out in the pasture. He was out with Misty and Colors and wasn’t nearly as willing to walk to me from across the pasture since he was guarding his lady. After he made me trek through the mud to get him, he was more than willing to leave her, though. I guess I’m one of his ladies, too. What a little studmuffin.

He’s been doing this thing where he stops five or six times as I bring him in (and does the same thing when I try to exit the arena with him). The more I pull on him, the less he moves and the longer it takes. If I put some pressure on the lead but just wait him out and quietly talk to him, he seems to get it faster and be more willing to move along. So, that’s what we do. It takes a while, but I think eventually he’ll get over it and we’ll be able to just walk past things that he wants or doesn’t like.

I groomed him and tried a couple different fly sprays and am still much happier with the Pyranhna spray than anything else. It seems to be the only one that keeps flies off him, so we’ll keep using the poison stuff that gives you cancer (but only in California).

Once he was fly free, I decided it was time to conquer the wash rack once and for all. I was at the barn alone, which meant it was nice and quiet and there wouldn’t be much to spook him. I stuffed a carrot in my waistband and walked him up to it. He willingly puts his front end up there, but will get stretched out and not put his back feet up. So we did that once, turned around and walked away, then I got him to do it again, presented the carrot and those back feet came right on up! He was a little anxious at first, but settled right in and wasn’t worried once he was munching that carrot. I walked him right off it and gave him a million cuddles (most of which he was embarrassed by) and let him unfocus for a few minutes. Then we did it again! This time, I asked him to turn around on the rack so that he could be cross tied (if we were ready for that). He had no problem walking around on it at all. What a smarty pants!

After the wash rack, we headed down to do some more work. We did the usual games of Come Here and Go Away in the arena. The big win in the arena was picking up his feet. His front left seems to be the sticky one for some reason (possibly the big bite mark on his shoulder indicates something).  His front right is no problem, though. He’s learning to brace for having a foot picked up for more than a second and the falling over business is starting to get better, though there are still some stumbles from time to time. He no longer tries to fling it out of my hand, which is a HUGE win for both of us – and most importantly, my shoulders.

Drew stopped by and reminded me just how little Smokey is. He’s a tiny pony. But I hopped on him and walked a little bit. He mostly just followed Drew around the arena and stood there. But he moved forward when I squeezed him, so we’re still making progress, even if it’s slow progress.

I asked Drew to take some pictures of us getting on the wash rack, since it was so momentous, so I got Smokey back up to the barn (after several stops) and  grabbed another carrot. He was much more willing to hop up on the rack this time and turned around for me with no problem. He tends to hop off kinda awkwardly, but I think that’s just something that will come with time.

Please forgive my outfit, I didn’t think I was going to be staying long and thought I wouldn’t get on him at all, so I dressed like a homeless person.

In other news, I picked up my saddle from Bryan at Triple D Saddlery yesterday and am ecstatic with how much better it feels! I have been rather rude to the leather over the years, so many of the marks on it can’t be taken out, but I’m not showing in it, so I don’t really care. I love the dickens out of that saddle and Bryan confirmed that he thinks it’s a really well made saddle. Things I am glad to hear! I’m super happy to have it back as it will now be headed to the barn to make me more comfortable while I sit on the gray pony and give me a little more confidence to move him around some.

And finally, in dog news, Tucker is doing well. He’s still naked as a jaybird on his leg and back, but the fur does seem to be growing in well. He uses his leg more and more, but since I’ve cut back on pain pills, I can see him be a little more ginger with it and a little quieter in general, so I’m sure it still is sore. His stitches look great and the only incident we’ve had with them has been in a nightmare I had the other night. He’s refrained from licking them for the most part and I’m sure the cervical collar while I’m at work is helping too. Stitches will come out later this week and he won’t have to wear it anymore, but will still have to stay in the crate while I’m at work. He honestly doesn’t seem to mind the crate too much, but the collar is a pain for him. I think the location of the crate really helps. It’s by a front window that I’m pretty sure is where he sleeps all day when I’m not there anyhow, so it’s not much of a change up of his schedule anyway. Plus it’s huge for such a small dog. Oh, and there’s two of them so his food and water don’t spill on his bed.


Do you think I spoil my animals much?


About smokeythemustang

I'm just a girl who loves horses, who's asking horses to love her back. Right now I'm training a wild mustang. Or he's training me. You decide.
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2 Responses to Weekend 11: Milestones

  1. Mary Moore says:

    So excited he got on the wash rack!!!!! Hate that we missed itTaking Anna up to Woodlands in a bit for another week of camp, so have a great week with your four-legged man. Glad to hear Tucker is quickly on the mend!! Take care, Mary

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