Weekend 16 Preview: Weirdly Excited

I get excited about the little things with Smokey.

Tomorrow, an old equestrian team friend of mine is coming to visit me and him and I’m kind of weirdly excited to show him off. As a lifelong, horse-obsessed weirdo, I don’t have a lot of friends who share the same bond. I talk incessantly with my horse friends about nothing but horses, but I’m sure even they are annoyed by my blatherings about the newest BLM online adoption (By the way, there are new horses up here. I’ve already picked out my top three. Hint: there’s a blue roan!) . So not only am I in a niche hobby (horses), but I’m in a niche part of the hobby (western riding), and to top it off, I’m a fan of a niche breed (mustangs).


Blue Roan!

Smokey needs a friend, right?


I didn’t really have a “home barn” for a very long time and am just settling into my routine at the new place with Smokes. Everyone has been super friendly, but we all know it takes time to get to be part of the crowd. Plus, my schedule is far from “normal” at this barn. So basically, what I’m saying is, I’m finally happy to not be forcing someone to come out and see Smokey, who is a huge part of my life and one that I don’t get to frequently drivel on and on about like I want to. Hell, she even ASKED to come see him.

I just hope he’s not a giant turd like he likes to be when people come to visit. I’ll probably get bucked off or something. Knock on wood for me.

In other news, the saddle that I took to the saddle shop should be ready to come home all fancy and new sometime in the next week or so! I’m so excited to see how it turned out. It’s basically not even going to look like the same saddle – it’s getting a new suede seat, new fenders and stirrups and new silver. And it’s black! I think it’ll look fantastically adorable on my little gray pony. Now I just need ot teach him to wear it…

About smokeythemustang

I'm just a girl who loves horses, who's asking horses to love her back. Right now I'm training a wild mustang. Or he's training me. You decide.
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4 Responses to Weekend 16 Preview: Weirdly Excited

  1. highonhorses says:

    Ohhhh! I like the mustang. A blue roan is one of my favorite colors. You sure can’t tell by the color of my herd. hehe 🙂 So, when you getting another new mustang? hmmm?

    • In addition to your delightful herd of brown beauties – aren’t blue roans just so cool? It’d be fun to tell non-horse folks you have a blue horse 🙂
      And don’t tempt me on another mustang. I’m barely able to contain myself when the online auctions happen (AND there’s a live adoption a few hours away in a few weeks)! Give me a few years to quit the corporate job, and then I’ll have a farm full of them!

      • highonhorses says:

        Yes! Blues are gorgeous. I’m not as athletic as I use to be. If I was a few years younger, I’d get a mustang. A blue roan would be my first choice. 🙂

        I continually look at the possibilities of owning a mustang too. lol It’s just not logical at my age. I can just see me and my old self trying to tame one of those buggers. Maybe a colt is an option. hmmm You think? hahaha

        I’m going to travel up north one of these days to see them in the flesh. Can you imagine seeing them running in the badlands? That’s on my bucket list.

        Don’t let the corporate job hold you back. Life’s to short! Live now.

  2. You’r enever too old for a great horse! Canon City, CO has a great prisoner/mustang training program that churns out trained mustangs that might suit you (https://www.coloradoci.com/serviceproviders/whip/). That way you at least have a great start on them before they’re handed off to you. I haven’t heard too many mustang owners lament how wild their horses are. Most find them to be great trail horses, less spooky and more sure-footed.

    I’d love to se them in their element out in the wild, I’m sure it would just be breathtaking!

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