Weekend 18: Labor Day

So many things to report on this weekend!

The rundown goes like this:

Friday night – “Emergency” vet visit to clean out wound

Saturday – Football!

Sunday – Rodeo

Monday – Mustangs!

Friday afternoon, we were let out of work early and I headed straight to the barn to check on Smokey and prepare him for the vet to arrive. I was concerned that if his wound got infected over the weekend that I would have a big situation on my hands come today and didn’t want any sudden trips to the horse ER. Thankfully, the vet was able to drop by late in the afternoon and clean out his wound and leave some antibiotics. Happily, the wound wasn’t as bad as previously though. He mostly just scraped off his skin on the part that I was worried about, but I’m happy to have him on antibiotics in the meantime while it heals.

While I was impressed that he didn’t flat out kick the vet when she picked up his back legs, Smokey wasn’t exactly cooperative, so she went ahead and drugged him up a little. She gave him the tiniest of doses of anesthesia and Smokey was out like a light. It’s actually a good thing that we know this for Thursday when he is getting his teeth floated or we would have had one Smokey down before we knew what was going on.  I guess these wild ponies just have no tolerance!

Such a sleepy pony…

Not only did he look like this, but he couldn’t walk hardly at all for a while and would sway and almost fall from time to time for about 15 minutes. The vet told me to try anything with him I had been putting off since his reactions would be dulled, so I picked up his back feet a few times, but was mostly afraid he’d fall. I’ll have to try that again on Thursday when he’s recovering. He got pretty sweaty during his little sleepytime, so that’s something I need to keep in mind this week too.

Once it was clean and lubed up, his wound looked pretty harmless, actually:

So Saturday, Smokey got the day off from being bothered. I was going to go visit after the football game, but after roasting in the sun and wandering around campus all day, I needed a nap more than anything else. I was just so wiped out that even going over to a friend’s house to watch Clemson beat UGA was taxing enough, not to mention braving the drive and heat to see Smokey.

Sunday was spent doing much needed chores around the house and generally getting things done. I got to go with the barn family to the Cumming rodeo which was a nice diversion from the mundane. Still didn’t see Smokey but for a few minutes to Furazone his leg and braid his tail in hopes of keeping it out of the Furazone. He was pushy and generally unruly, so we’ll be back at it soon to get him in line.

Yesterday, I hit the ground running by going to get my saddle first thing in the morning. I was super excited to see all the great work Bryan Delk at Triple D Saddlery had done for it. If you recall, it was in less than sad shape and needed just about everything done to it. Well, it has a new seat, new fenders and new silver and it looks FANTASTIC. I can’t wait to see it on Smokey, and since it’s black, I know it’ll look stunning on him. I’ll have to get some detailed pictures for my next post, but trust me when I say I couldn’t be happier with Bryan’s rehabbing of it!

In the evening I got to go to Whispering Hills Farms mustang demo. They have five horses going to the Millions competition and were showing off their routines for spectators in the evening. Really, I think I should dedicate a whole post to this since it was such an amazing time. Suffice it to say for now that I look forward to hearing how all those ladies fare in competition!

About smokeythemustang

I'm just a girl who loves horses, who's asking horses to love her back. Right now I'm training a wild mustang. Or he's training me. You decide.
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