Labor Day Mustang Demo

So Monday evening, I went to Whispering Hills Farm’s mustang demo. They have five mustangs they are taking to Ft. Worth in a couple weeks to compete in the Mustang Million competition. This is like the big daddy of all mustang competitions with a total purse of $1,000,000! Not only will some of the best of the best be there, but many of them are brining multiple horses that they adopted the very same way and within two weeks of when I got Smokey. Suffice it to say, Smokey and I are a little farther behind in our training than most of these horses.

The trainer in residence at WHF is Betsy Moles who has trainer several mustangs and competed, and won, several makeovers. She’s taking two under saddle horses to the Million – Cayenne and Magic. Cayenne is her specialties horse and Magic is the big money man for the Legends division (and $200k purse prize). There were three yearlings trained by the barn “kids” that are going, as well.

I assumed that since these horses were located in Georgia and the only auction near the east coast for the MM was held in Murfreesboro, they were probably all horses I had taken a gander at while at the auction picking out Smokey. One was a filly I remembered considering briefly, though I wanted a horse that I could put under saddle right away and didn’t want to wait on one to grow. Another yearling looked startlingly like a mini version of Smokey (which is just a silly thought with how small he is). I was absolutely stunned when I realized that Magic was the horse that my dad had told me was “my horse” early on in the auction.

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A real top ten horse!

I had spotted him pacing incessantly in one of the back pens at the auction. He was pretty much bowling all his penmates over with his enthusiasm. I watched him for a while and realized he was a total stunner of a horse: absolutely magnificent movement and a really athletic build. Unfortunately, I’m a weenie and I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle a horse of that caliber and energy level, so I quickly wrote him off my potential list, but kept a close eye on him throughout the auction. I had told my dad he was a top ten horse, should he be paired with the right trainer. He auctioned off shortly after Smokey (I actually stuck around after winning Smokey and watched the bidding for Magic) and went for less than I paid for Smokey! I was shocked, but I guess others felt as I did about his energy level? Either way, I was amazed. They got a steal on that horse. It also makes me wonder if someone thought Smokey was their top ten horse…………somehow I doubt it.

My top ten horse!

Either way, it was really awesome to get to see him in action after 100+ days of training by a professional. He’s as stunning as ever and has a simply fantastic look under saddle. I probably creeped out a few people by having pictures of him from the auction at the ready on my phone, but he was one of three horses I had multiple pictures of (the others being Smokey and a big bay I wish I could have brought home too). I got to share them with his future owner who will be taking him back to South Carolina after the competition and using him as a trail horse. The life of these mustangs! Magic’s demo was the final and highlight of the whole thing for me – probably because I felt a connection to him from the auction, but mostly because he’s a spectacular testament to the wild horse. He’s got looks and talent and he’s going to do really well in Ft. Worth. Mark my words, Betsy has done a fantastic job with him and I hope he’s the top ten horse I thought he was!

I didn’t take any pictures form the demo, as it would be taboo to post pictures of their “top secret” freestyles before the MM competition. Needless to say, all the horses were really impressive and I think that’s a really strong group in general.

Overall, it was well worth my drive out to Canton to see these mustangs in action. I got to talk to Betsy about possibly coming to help put the boot to my butt with Smokey, and that may really get us a lot farther than I thought in the end. After the Millions, I’ll definitely look into having her come out and help me move things along.

So, good luck WHF! I think you will all do great in Ft. Worth. Safe travels to all the competitors and know that at least one mustang trainer will be waiting patiently to hear how everyone fared!

About smokeythemustang

I'm just a girl who loves horses, who's asking horses to love her back. Right now I'm training a wild mustang. Or he's training me. You decide.
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One Response to Labor Day Mustang Demo

  1. Barbara Stengard says:

    Good story. Fun to read.

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