Wolf Tooth Removal and Related Topics

Last night was a vet party at the barn. The lovely Dr. Molony came to visit from Georgia Equine Veterinary Services.

I got there in time to brush Smokey off a little and let him munch on some grass before the vet arrived. Another horse was having some dental issues as well, so they were both scheduled to have their mouths violated.

The vet looked Smokey over and I asked about the bump on his back left foot (it’s a scar) and his ears (he has gnats and I need to buy some Swat for them). Aside from that, he got a clean bill of health. We’re waiting until we have the first cold snap to evaluate his worming situation, so that’ll be fun to try to find some Smokey poop once that happens. He’s a shy pooper and I’ve only seen him poop once, and it was after I turned him out.

Then it was teeth time. The vet gave him some twilight drugs and Smokes drifted off into an almost on-his-face sort of sleep while the vet got her supplies ready.

Exhibit 1: Sleepy Smokey


She had felt a wolf tooth while messing around in his mouth, so I decided to have it removed so I can start putting a bit in there in a few weeks. A side note: Wolf teeth grow in in front of their molars and can cause pain when using a bit. There is a space of just gum between a horse’s front teeth and molars where the bit sits. Wolf teeth interfere with this and can get rubbed on by the bit, causing pain. Generally they are removed for the horse’s comfort. This was a pretty involved process and Smokey was actually more awake than he let on at first and put up a bit of a fight, but nothing serious.

This was just the pre-rinse of the mouth before the tooth came out.

Exhibit 2: Smokey isn’t as sleepy as you thought


Once the tooth was out, he resumed his woobly stance and took a nap while Colors got the royal treatment of getting a huge piece of plaque scraped off a canine tooth. Pictures of his removed tooth (with some gum still attached) are here. Only look if you’re into gross horse teeth with flesh still attached. Gross.

This is a video of my woozy pony. Isn’t he just the cutest when he’s drunk?

An interesting fact about Smokey – I asked the vet if she agreed that he was around four years old based on his teeth. She looked around and said he had both his corner baby teeth still, but his canines had already fully come in, so it was hard to tell. Baby teeth are usually fully gone by 4-4 ½, but canines don’t usually even appear until 5, much less fully come in. Smokey is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle. She also said he’d make a cute hunter pony. Not sure he’s got the go for that, but I’ll take it.

All in all, it was pretty uneventful. Smokey lounged for a while and then I gave him a bath since he was still a little groggy and I felt like doing it up on the wash rack instead of in the gravel. I think he’ll be more apt to be bathed up there from now on. He didn’t dance around too much and was generally pretty well behaved.

After the bath, I finally got to see my refreshed saddle on him!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Smokey was not as impressed with the new saddle as I was.

Confession: as I was driving up, I thought it had, despite being strapped in, flown out of the bed of my truck on the highway while I was jamming out to some Blurred Lines. Thankfully, it had just fallen over out of sight. Anyhow, the saddle looks awesome! I’m really happy with how all the refreshes from Triple D Saddlery turned out and I look forward to trying it out with my butt in the coming weeks. Another confession: I may have jumped the gun on this saddle. While I like it, it really isn’t what I was hoping it would be because Smokey is tiny and this saddle is really rather large.  We’ll see which I choose to go with when we really get to riding, anyhow. And my last confession for this paragraph: I may be a saddle hoarder. I bought what appears to me to be a Wade tree saddle off eBay this week and it should be shipped to me soon. I’ve always wanted to try this style saddle and never have an opportunity, so I’m looking forward to it. Even if it turns out to be a junker, I didn’t pay too much for it and I really want to try it out. We’ll see how it goes.


Probably crappy eBay purchase!

I walked Smokey down to the big arena with the new saddle on him. Shortly after we got there, he started acting super antsy and dancing around and dragging his nose I the arena dirt. I realized very suddenly that he was going to roll, with or without the saddle on, so I quickly undid everything and threw it on the fence. Smokey didn’t make it six inches from the fence before he was on the ground flopping about and smacking his legs on the posts. Such a smart boy. I’m so proud sometimes (that’s sarcasm). I watched as he undid all of the bathing I had done by rolling not once, not twice, but three times on both sides and getting enough arena sand in his mane to bed a round pen. He was kind of frenzied about the whole thing, and after watching him roll, I figured out he was upset about his missing tooth. He had oh so lovingly rubbed his head on Anna while she held him on the washrack and I washed his tail, but I think once all of the sedation wore off, he started to get anxious about his mouth hurting. It was a bit swollen on that side of his mouth, but nothing terrible. He’ll be fine in a couple of days, I think he just realized he was injured and kind of lost it briefly.

Either way, he was so incredibly dusty that I just took him back up to the barn and carried my saddle (which is mercifully lighter than my everyday saddle).

No longer clean, mom! It feels great!

As I was leaving, I heard Smokey pretty much get mushed into the fence by a rather moody Bandit who is finally sticking up for himself. I’m sure he was fine, but he did move off to find Ice pretty rapidly. Someone keeping him in his place is totally fine by me!

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