‘Natural’ horsemanship…from one horse to another

This is a great read and video from Stacy Westfall. I wish there was a little more in the video of them in the one month scene, though. I’m always afraid tow horses will lose it on each other when they first meet, but it’s generally all well and good. All the “natural horsemanship” training we do comes from how they speak to each other and I think this is a good view of that. I love watching them interact, so long as they’re not killing each other!

Stacy Westfall Horseblog

This is what Popcorn saying, “No” to Jac looks like.

Here is a version of a question I get all the time;

One of my friends says do NOT “strike” them for biting/kicking because a horse “doesn’t understand that.” I beg to differ, since he’s a 1200-lb animal that could put me in the hospital if he so chose…I realize timing is everything — so the “strike” has to seem as if the horse caused it/ran into it on his own. Can you give any other “pointers” on how to deal with this? Especially a kick — my first reaction is to move, of course…which is submitting.

My response: The easiest way to make the decisions quickly when biting, kicking, etc is happening is to think, “How would the dominant horse react to this?” Pretend you are the dominant horse. Would that horse duck the blow?…very likely. Would they come…

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