Feeling His Oats

Another successful weekend is in the books. Smokey got a bit of a break due to the wet arena conditions on Saturday, but Sunday we got right back into it.

Thankfully, all the snow and ice is gone (I think it’s supposed to be mid-60’s today and most of this week!) and the horses are all telling me that spring has sprung by ejecting massive amounts of fur off of their bodies every time you even look at them. Smokey is no exception, and with the amount of fur I’m going to be prying off of him, I’ll have massive guns from using the shedding blade before we’re to a summer coat.

So Saturday I groomed and groomed and groomed. Smokey didn’t look a heck of a lot different after all that and was determined to undo all my grooming by rolling immediately after being turned out. Thankfully, it’s mostly sandy ground in the paddock, so some of it just fell off of him.

Sunday I arrived to find him laid out and sunning himself with the other top mare while the underlings kept watch over them. He was COVERED in dirt and looking happy as a clam. Since he’s now #2, or as it really seem to be, #1.5 in the pasture, he’s gotten something of an attitude.  He’s a bit more pushy on the ground, even with me and it massively herdbound all of a sudden. It doesn’t help that the rest of the herd seems to get uppity when he leaves them and makes a ton of noise, distracting him and beckoning him back.

All in all, Sunday was a good session. We got plenty of groundwork in and got a little bit of riding done, though I feel like I’m missing something big with the transfer of the groundwork to the saddle. He is much more willing to disobey me while under saddle and with the added herdboundness and his lack of respect, it makes it a little iffy. He made some pretty significant overtures about leaving the arena of his own volition, and since it isn’t fenced, that’s a bit daunting. Instead of letting him off the hook, he got a bit more groundwork before we left the arena, and I made sure he didn’t so much as glance at the exit before we quit. Hopefully he got the picture.

Mom got me all hot and sweaty and then made me stand here for pictures. She’s the worst.

While I was letting him cool out some, I banded his mane in hopes of taming the portion that flops to the wrong side. We’ll see how it goes. With the amount of hair, amount of rolling and general wild pony problems, I doubt it will do much good. Maybe this summer I will pull some of his mane or keep it braided long enough to tame it.

Look, I never claimed to be good at this. This horse has a TON of mane and I don’t have the corresponding amount of patience.


Meet the neighbors – This is just outside the barn. I didn’t realize just how kinda gross cows are until this weekend.

About smokeythemustang

I'm just a girl who loves horses, who's asking horses to love her back. Right now I'm training a wild mustang. Or he's training me. You decide.
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