On Getting Dumped on a Friday Night…

It’s happened to most of us. There’s the initial not wanting to let go, then the realization that you really need to, and then the inevitable fall. From there, you have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, hide your embarrassment, face that which has just hurt you and get back in the saddle.

You guys, Friday night was pretty rough – Smokey dumped me.

Everything was going great, we had longed with nothing terribly interesting happening. I was working on his reactiveness to my commands and his response time in changing directions and he was being kind of a butt about it, but nothing serious.

I got on and walked him a little to cool down from the longeline and then trotted some circles and pretty much just all over the place. On a side note – I really need to pick some kind of pattern for us to do work in. I’m the worst just being all over the place in the arena right now. But really, all was going well when I decided to let him rest for a minute after backing up nicely. We were just standing there, me thiking about how dirty he was and how much hair there was still to come off him and him off in Lala Land wherever his brain goes.

Without warning, he dipped his shoulder and swung away from it. I got off balance enough to be kind of hanging from the side of the saddle and had enough time to see him look at me, freak out more and start panicking more. I decided to just bail, rather than try to right it and have him take off with me clinging to him. I exited the vehicle rather unceremoniously, but held on to the reins so I could have some control if he did decide to bolt. He didn’t. He just stood there looking really bewildered. I got up, dusted off the dirt [embarrassment] and walked over to pet his scared little face. I really wanted to slap it, but I managed not to.

I decided he was a little bit upset, so I longed him a little more and then got back on and rode around at the walk for a while before putting him up.

I’m clearly not the spry little teenager I once was, because, you guys, my hip hurts! I watched bullriding the other night and couldn’t think about anything except how those guys get THROWN every day and still do it. I have too many aches from the two spills Smokes has given me to even contemplate that.

Anyway, that was Friday. Embarrassment city. I’m so glad no one saw it.

I think Smokey took that as an opportunity to make a mess of Saturday. He spent the majority of our time together trying to figure out how in the heck to get back to his friends who were out in the pasture, munching some grass and didn’t give a rip that he left. He longed for a while like a civilized animal and then basically lost it when someone else went to get their horse from the pasture and spent the next 15 minutes cantering around and hollering like he was being horribly abused or possibly actively being made into a horseburger. Needless to say, he lathered himself up real good and was so impossibly hot the whole time that I didn’t want to get on him lest I get dumped for the second time in 24 hours.

So we went in and took a hosing off that went marginally ok because he had decided to get pushy on the ground and not stand still. While the others were being brought down for dinner, he was also a total idiot. I let him dry some and finally put him in his stall to eat and then out with his friends and he seemed so much better.

Sunday he seemed to have recovered from being such a knucklehead. He longed well and I even rode a little bit, but not as much as I had hoped.
Mary came to visit briefly and got to see the new digs and how much different Smokes looks nowadays. He’s coming along and is enjoying the new place was the consensus. Hopefully Mary will be able to come back and see him in action soon.

We have a lesson with Elisa Wallace on Wednesday, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to say after that!

About smokeythemustang

I'm just a girl who loves horses, who's asking horses to love her back. Right now I'm training a wild mustang. Or he's training me. You decide.
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