Home Away From Home

Oh my. This past week has been something.

My little man has been off in the wilds of Jasper, GA at Rock Creek Farms, home of Elisa Wallace and Wallace Eventing. The first thing Elisa said to me when she got out of her truck to pick him up was “Have you cried yet?” Well. No. I hadn’t and I still haven’t.

She was kind enough to let me follow them up to the barn and see him install in his new *ahem* stall (pun coincidental). Being the overly paranoid and slightly insane mother that I am, I was terrified that he’d be cooped up in his stall 24/7 and basically just horribly abused in mustang terms. Alas, Elisa assured me that he’d be out and about as soon as she figured out who he should go out with.

By the way, after much stalking and watching of videos, I finally got to meet Fianto Duri, her new mustang! What a stunner he is! I, naturally, had read somewhere Elisa had posted saying “I can’t stop looking at him” and it’s really true. Poor guy gets all the stares because there’s literally no place on him that doesn’t have something interesting going on. He’s got socks, and tiger stripes, and one blue eye, and a big, off-center blaze over his brown eye, a mane that won’t quit and like five normal horse tails all rolled into one. And he’s got phenomenal presence. Basically, he’s the whole package. Those two are definitely going places.

Oh, so…Smokey rode in a trailer fine and didn’t so much as fall down once (though he did try once) and I have learned that I need not follow him in a trailer unless I want to arrive to my destination pouring sweat and in need of a serious Xanax from fretting so much. It’s his face. His cute little face looking at everything, I swear.

Smokey plodded right on into his stall and figured out the hay net pretty quickly and was pretty pooped (since neither of us has any stamina). He was awfully quiet while I interrogated Elisa about Fianto who was in the stall next to Smokey. I actually got a huge treat as she wanted to work Fianto a little and I got to freak him out by walking behind him (way far away from those back legs, mind you) and stare at him some more while he got worked. I didn’t take pictures because I’m not a stalker. I repeat: I am NOT a stalker. Oh, and my phone died…

Basically, seeing all this and monopolizing Elisa for several hours reassured me that Smokey was in the best of hands and I had nothing to worry about. Of course I didn’t, that’s why I sent him to her.

Flash forward to Sunday and Smokey has been at Rock Creek for a whopping 4 days. He’s nicely installed in the pasture with his new famous friends, Fledge and Rune. Fledge is the 2012 Clemson Extreme Mustang Makeover winner (and reason I fell in love with mustangs, if we’re being honest), and Rune is the 2013 Mustang Million horse that Elisa picked up at the same auction I got Smokey from.

Oh, and Sunday was one year from that adoption. Happy one year anniversary, Smokerton (and Rune)!

Once we were down the massive hill to the pasture, Elisa whistled to the herd that came a’runnin’ from way back in the back with the three little mustangs heading it up. Smokey seemed much more consumed with his new buddies than me until he saw the carrots I brought him, then it was on like Donkey Kong. I got to meet Fledge and Rune who both surprised me by their sizes. Fledge is about 14h and Rune 15+. Smokey is pretty much right in between them in height, which was shocking, since I figured he was rolling in around 14h nowadays. I guess he’s grown!


Yeah, I totally needed to worry about his turnout schedule….He’s there on the left. The redheads are the other two mustangs.

Assured that my precious pony was still alive and well, we headed back up the massive, fat-burning, breath-taking, leg-burning hill to the barn. Elisa tended to a couple of the eventing horses who were being a little nutty in the paddocks and I marveled at how some people are just so easy with a horse that size. I would probably pass out from lack of oxygen if I got on it. Maybe not, but it seems that way after riding my little guy for so long now.

I’ve managed to be pretty good about not bothering her about updates, FaceTime requests, etc on Smokey, so I was totally excited to be asked to lunch with Elisa, her husband and new working student. Guys, I seriously had to tone down the creepy. I felt like such a stalker. But as Elisa so eloquently put it “Now we can develop a friendship and you’re less of a stalker.” Silly office job giving me and overabundance of internet time (don’t tell my employer)…

Indulging my obsession with the gray pony, Elisa sent me a pic of him after his workout yesterday. He was apparently trying to figure out who had more stamina, he or Elisa. Turns out…….it wasn’t him. Can’t say I’m shocked, horse. I’ll be super jazzed to see what he’s up to this weekend when I can break free from this desk!

 Sleepy Smokey

Somebody fell asleep in the crossties after being a turd.

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I'm just a girl who loves horses, who's asking horses to love her back. Right now I'm training a wild mustang. Or he's training me. You decide.
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