Breaking the Silence with…….Trailer Mods!

Because I think some people might get a kick out of what I’ve done to my trailer (by “I” I actually mean mostly my dad with some of my help). We did quite a bit to it before the historically awful trail ride last year. Good news is that there’s been several successful trips in this bad boy since that one. Jenna even agreed to trail ride with me again. She’s a saint. I’ll update on what we’ve been up to this week. We’ve done a few things here and there, but I’m happy to say that I’m hoping to take the little Smokerton to his first show sometime this year. Especially if Jenna and Penny want to go with and actually pretend like they know us while we’re there.

Forgive some of these dark pictures. It was fading light and, well, inside a trailer.

Without further ado, here’s what I did to my [new-to-me] trailer last year that I’m pretty proud of!
Day of purchase:

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What did we do?

For reference (and because I didn’t take any pictures of the inside before we went all crazy on it, here’s the original inside of this model trailer (though not mine):

trailier interior

Added height and depth to the top of the divider by adding in new bars on top of and behind the existing tube structure. (Yellow box is approximately the original size/shape of the divider top.)

top bars

Added a bottom panel to the divider to decrease the ability for horses to access each other underneath the divider when trailering together. We also enclosed both sides of the divider with solid sheet metal. Only one side was closed in the original setup. (Yellow box is all new portion of the bottom of the divider)

Bottom part

Added blocking bars to the extendable portion of the divider to inhibit any curious (or furious) legs from getting stuck through the divider when it was extended and locked in place. (Those small bars extend out with the divider to the full length of the closed divider.)


Added rings for hanging a hay bag.

Put in some holes in the existing trailer roof bar to hang a tack rack.

Added adjustable “locking” mechanisms to the saddle racks to keep them from flopping about all over the place.


Stall mats!

Bracing on back of tack room divider wall to reduce noise from wobbly metal. This didn’t really work as planned, so there may be some more construction happening here eventually.


Hooked up the brakes, rewired some lights, replaced some cracked light housings, new lock on tack room door, installed electric brake unit in my truck, all manner of locks to lock this thing up while I’m not near it (see The Great Trail Ride Adventure for how that tends to work out for me…).

Repainted sadly falling off stone guard.


Mods made by the lovely folks at Discount tire: Giant dent in front of the trailer and matching dent in the back of the truck fender from jackknifing them into each other. I was told when I dropped it off that “the only tech who will drive this rig drives tractor trailers for a living.” Gosh, I sure hope not.

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