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My love for mustangs collided with my love of crafting recently. The result was much better than anticipated and I’m proud to say that I’m not offering the result of my passions for sale!

The Horse Mutterer on Etsy

Introducing BLM Mustang Branded Brushes! I’ve created a set of branding irons to brand quality, wood products with the BLM’s alpha-angle system. I’ll let my Etsy store do the talking, but please check out the pictures above and see the shop for ordering. I’m really excited to bring these to mustang fans around the country. They are a practical and fun way to show off your branded pride! You’ll never have a brush get “borrowed infinitely” or be at a loss for conversation at shows.

I’m now also able to offer regular, old letter branding! I can do all of the same products (brushes, frames and stall signs) with the Latin alphabet. Check out the Etsy store for more info, and feel free to contact me with questions or requests!

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Feel free to contact me directly for more information!

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