My Dogs

Every horseperson knows that horse obessions and dog obsessions are closely related. In my case, this is no exception. While I have been riding since 2nd grade, I have been party to dog ownership for most of that time as well. My parents started us with cats, but that didn’t satisfy me. Our first dog taught the whole family a lot, and since then I haven’t been dogless nor obessionless.

My very first child, Tucker, is a rescue that I met online. I found him on PetFinder (don’t go there unless you’re ready to take a friend home) and quickly fell in love with his markings and character. I informed my three roomates at the time that I was going to check him out, and came home with the best decision of my life.

Tucker is a 5 1/2 year old border collie/corgi mix. He’s a designer breed, a borgi, before it was cool. For the first two years of our life together, he came to work with me every day and was never far from my side. Once I got a new job where he wasn’t allowed, he developed epilepsy that may be caused by separation anxiety. For a year or so, I struggled with spending time with him and a busy schedule.

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On a Saturday in October of 2011, I stopped in to Petsmart to buy some food for Tucker. They were doing adoptions and I stopped by to check out who was trying to find their forever home that day. I had told my parents I wanted a larg black and tan dog to “guard” my place in the future and right away, I spotted a small black and tan puppy with a purple harness on curled up in the pens. Hoping it was a boy, I woke it up and started asking questions about it right away.


As it turns out, Jezebelle (or “Belle”) was a girl and she was so very shy and scared. She wouldn’t even walk away from the pens and had to be carried to a quiet corner to really even say hi. She was perfect for Tucker – submissive and quiet. Her mom is a purebred Australian Shepherd and dad is allegedly the neighbor’s hound dog. She had been returned once to the adoption folks for being too active, but I couldn’t believe that at all. I tried to walk away, and I think I even went to the food asile, but I came back, signed the paperwork, paid the adoption fee, bought the collar and leash and loaded my new puppy, my mom, dog food and such into the Miata and drove her home.

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At first, Tucker wasn’t too pleased with my purchase, but in the two years since she came into our lives, Belle has entertained him, defused his bad moods and quelled whatever was causing his siezures. Since bringing her home, he has only had one siezure, compared to once every three months. I’m estatic that getting my dog a dog helped him.

Belle has been a God-send for both of us and is one of the weirdest and most comical dogs I have ever met. She is the perfect ying to Tucker’s serious and intense yang. They spend hours chewing on each other and playing in the yard. They are my perfect children.

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